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    Tony Stark, inside the helmet view.


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    Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, 1970s

    Can I get this on a poster somewhere?

    She looks a lot like Jessica chobot

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  5. When yo crush says they back with their ex

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    Justice for Rubén Salazar!

    Today, August 29, marks 43 years since Los Angeles Times reporter Rubén Salazar was killed by an LA County Sheriff’s Dept. deputy while covering the Chicano Moratorium, a civil rights and anti-Vietnam war protest.

    The official autopsy report states he was killed by a tear-gas canister that was shot from outside the bar. The LA Times’ Hector Tobar calls it an accident. Many others disagree.

    43 years is too long. Justice for Rubén Salazar!

    Read The Ruben Salazar Files, a special section from the LA Times.

    Artist: Ernesto Yerena

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    this is the best censorship i’ve ever seen.

    I have to reblog this again! So great!



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    Date night

    why does the cat need so much wine

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    In 1983 a man was tested to see if he could sense god if all his senses were taken away. Every sense nerve in his brain was disconnected. He could not feel, hear, see or smell. He began reporting he could hear the voices of the dead and gave precise details that he could have not known. He then said he could see them and began clawing at his eyes, it turned to screaming and biting chunks of his flesh off. His last words were “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us” and died.

    this is terrifying

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