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    I love these images of celeb’s converted into a neoclassic styled image.

    Steve Payne is the name behind these images, going by the artist name of “ReplaceFace” –  and by using the images of Russian Generals (originally painted by George Dawe during the period of Napoleons invasion) he has very cleverly  replaced these General’s faces/heads with some choice celebrity faces… the results are quite beautiful.

    Check his work out at: http://replaceface.tumblr.com/ – where you can also buy them as a print or even an iphone cover at Society6.

    Anyhow, here are just a few of my own personal  favourites that I’ve grabbed from his site, so please check his site for loads more.

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    Teasing you with the girls :P

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    Omg, I need him

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    my humps, lumps & curves :)

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    Okay so this just happened on my dashboard and I personally think this is exactly his kind of humour 

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    Led Zeppelin - Going to California

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    Chillin 🌴😎

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    holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

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    TATTOO Blog Michele Zingales via Tumblr

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    I want to taste…..us.

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    Bats illuminated by lightning

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